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YUKEN Piston pump

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Yuken Piston Pumps: AR series, A series and A3H series

Yuken offers a wide selection of piston pumps. Based on the swash plate type platform, Yuken variable displacement pumps operate quietly (low noise level) and produce high efficiency to meet a wide range of industrial and mobile hydraulic usage requirements.

Yuken AR series Variable Displacement Piston Pumps

Single Pump, Pressure Compensator Type. A compact aluminum body design for a high ratio of power-to-mass. Compact, lightweight, and famous for quiet operation from these low noise AR series hydraulic pumps. Available in axial port pumps and side port pumps.

Yuken A series Variable Displacement Piston Pumps

By integrating amplifiers and sensors into their piston pumps, Yuken offers 10 different control methods, from pressure compensator controls to proportional solenoid pressure and flow controls. Manufactured in displacements from 10 cm3/rev to 219 cm3/rev (.610 cu. in./rev to 13.36 cu. in./rev). Yuken A series pumps offer volumetric efficiency of >98% and overall efficiency of >90% when under a pressure of 16 MPa (2320 PSI) and at a revolution speed of 1800 revolutions per minute. Available as single pumps, double pumps and variable / fixed double pumps with an inboard pump and an outboard pump.