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Oilfield mud pump bearings

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We are one of the renowned Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of precision-engineered Mud Pumps Bearing in Singapore. Our L-series of Mud Pumps Bearing sold under the brand name is manufacturing in compliance with international standards as our company is ISO 9001: 2008 certified. Developed by a team of highly qualified engineers using computer aided designing and manufacturing technologies, our Mud Pumps are Double-acting and piston (reciprocating) type. They are designed to endure high pressure and high discharge application. In addition, they have several in-built design and constructional features that ensure high efficiency without much electricity intake.

Our Mud Pumps Bearing are available in various models and can be ordered in bulk. In addition, we offer them at very economical prices and provide customized solutions. Our Mud Pumps are duplex double acting reciprocating type made from a single piece alloy casting capable of handling high discharge and high pressure applications. These are ideally suitable for seismograph survey, water well, oil well, core drilling mud and cement service applications. Moreover, the pumps feature continuous tooth herring bone gears fitted with eccentric for easy economical replacement. We offer seven Models to choose from, which are “L-150”, “L-200”, “L-250”, “L-250-A”, “L-250-AB”, “L-250-HB”, and “L-250-H”.