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YUKEN vane pump


Yuken Single Vane Pump, Double Vane Pumps Supplier

Being one of experienced vane pump suppliers in Taiwan, Kao Jin acts high quality hydraulic vane pump for Yuken vane pump supplier to countries.
"PV2R4" Series Single Vane Pumps, Double Vane Pumps
These double pumps incorporate the new PV2R4A series pumps for the large volume side, a feature that permits discharge to separate circuits.
The high pressure, high performance double vane pumps have been developed to meet space-saving requirements. These pumps are a very compact version of the PV2R4, a vane pump series that has proven to exhibit outstanding low noise characteristics.

"PV2R" Series Single Vane Pumps
These pumps are of high pressure and high performance, which have been developed especially for low noise operation.
The integral driving parts of the pumps are combined into a kit form and available for supply as a cartridge kit.
Therefore, the replacement of the driving parts can be done easily.

"PV2R" Series Double Vane Pumps
These double pumps consist of two PV2R series single pumps combined in tandem within a single housing and driven by a common shaft. A Single suction port and two discharge ports are provided so that the output flow can be supplied to separate circuits.