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parker PV piston pump

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Parker PV Pump
Denison Parker PV pump
Hydraulic piston pump PV016 PV020 PV023 PV028 PV032 PV040 PV046 PV063 PV080 PV092 PV140 PV180 PV270 PV360
Size: PV016 to PV360

– Reduced noise level
– Higher efficiency
– improved robustness
– improved speed limits
– Weight reduction, esp. for PV250
– In house production of PV130, PV180 and PV250
– keep all critical parts unchanged
– Full interchangeability with existing PV series

Installation information

Drain port: Compensation may cause short-term (20 to 30 ms) flow increase, e.g. 30 l/min (PV 016 to 023), 40 l/min (PV 032 to 046), 60 l/min (PV 063 to 092), 80 l/min (PV 140 to 180) and/or 120 l/min (PV270). Please consider for dimensioning.

Drain line: The drain line must lead directly to the reservoir without restriction. The drain line must not be connected to any other return line. The end of the drain line must be below the lowest fluid level in the reservoir and as far away as possible from the pump inlet line. This ensures that the pump does not empty itself when not in operation and that hot acierated oil will not be re-circulated. For the same reason, when the pump is mounted inside the reservoir, the drain line should be arranged in such a way that a siphon is created. This ensures that the pump is always filled with fluid. The drain pressure must not exceed 2 bar. Drain line length should not exceed 2 meters. Minimum diameter should be selected according to the port size and a straight low pressure fitting with maximized bore should be used.

Shaft rotation and alignment: Pump and motor shafts must be aligned within 0.25mm T.I.R. maximum. A floating coupling must be used. Bell housings and couplings can be ordered at manufacturers listed in this catalogue. Please follow the coupling manufacturer’s installation instructions. Consult your Parker representative for assistance on radial load type drives.

Start up

Prior to start up, the pump case must be filled with hydraulic fluid (use case drain port). Initial start up should be at zero pressure with an open circuit to enable the pump to prime. Pressure should only be increased once the pump has been fully primed.

Installation and mounting

Horizontal mounting: Outlet port side or top. Inlet port side or bottom, drain port always uppermost. Vertical mounting: Shaft pointing upwards. Install pump and suction line in such a way that the maximum inlet vacuum never exceeds 0.8 bar absolute. The inlet line should be as short and as straight as possible. A short suction line cut to 450 is recommended when the pump is mounted inside the reservoir, to improve the inlet conditions. All connections to be leak-free, as air in the suction line will cause cavitations, noise, and damage to the pump.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
parker PV180R1K1AYNMMC 1 pcs Negotiable - -
parker PV180R1K1LLNMFK4445 1 pcs Negotiable - -
parker PV092R1K1JHNMMW4545 1 pcs Negotiable - -
parker PV180R1E3D1NMRC4445 1 pcs Negotiable - -
parker PV270R1K1T1NWPV 1 pcs Negotiable - -
parker PV180R1E1B1NWLC 1 pcs Negotiable - -
parker PV270R1D3T1NTLA4242 1 pcs Negotiable - -
parker PV180R1D3T1NZCC4342 1 pcs Negotiable - -
parker PV180R1K1LLNMMC+PV180R1L 1 pcs Negotiable - -
parker PV270R1K1T1WUPK 1 pcs Negotiable - -
parker PV180L1L1T1NZCC 1 pcs Negotiable - -
parker PV180L1K1T1NMT1 1 pcs Negotiable - -