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Type TTHD-Thrust Tapered Roller Bearing
TTHD bearings consist of two thrust races, a set of rollers and a cage. This design can create up to 40 percent more capacity than cylindrical and spherical bearings with the same envelope dimensions.
The configuration of TTHD bearings creates a benefit called true rolling motion. The extensions of the raceways and rollers converge at a common point (the apex) on the axis of rotation. As a result, true rolling motion reduces heat generation and wear on the races and rollers.

Size ranges:

ID 34.925 mm to 1352.550 mm (1.3750 in. to 53.2500 in.)

OD 76.200 mm to 1524.000 mm (3.0000 in. to 60.0000 in.)

Design Attributes:

We make bearings from premium quality, case-carburized bearing steel and feature a hard, fatigue-resistant surface and a durable, crack-resistant core to maximize service life. High-quality materials also provide a high shock resistance in heavy load applications.
Timken designed TTHDs for high thrust-load capacity and applications with increased pressures.
The true rolling motion of TTHDs allow for higher speeds with minimum roller skewing or skidding.
Special profiles on TTHDs create an advanced geometry and minimize edge-stress concentrations caused by high thrust loads.
Enhanced material, special finishes and increased precision also can be applied to further extend bearing life.
Additional bearing capacity is available with TTHDFL design, which features a different cage and one flat-thrust race.

Type TTHD bearings are engineered for use in:

Machine tools
Mill stands
Oil well swivels
Plastic extruders
Pulp refiners

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
Bearing T7519 1 pcs Negotiable - -
Bearing T911F(3) 1 pcs Negotiable - -
Bearing N-3259-A 1 pcs Negotiable - -
Bearing T1011 1 pcs Negotiable - -
Bearing T7519 1 pcs Negotiable - -
Bearing N-3239-A 1 pcs Negotiable - -
Bearing T921F(3) 1 pcs Negotiable - -
Bearing T1421F(3) 1 pcs Negotiable - -
Bearing T691 1 pcs Negotiable - -
Bearing T135F(3) 1 pcs Negotiable - -
Bearing T811 1 pcs Negotiable - -
Bearing A-3783-B 1 pcs Negotiable - -