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parker PVP piston pump

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The Parker PVP Series provides durable variable volume piston pumps for medium pressure applications. With a pressure rating of 3,600 psi and a wide range of controls, PVP pumps are efficient and reliable.

Parker Hydraulic Group
PVP Pumps Medium Pressure Piston Pumps

Key Features

  • High Strength Cast-Iron Housing for Reliability and Quiet Operation
  • Vickers Porting Interchange
  • Optional Inlet/Outlet Locations for Ease of Installation
  • Replaceable Bronze Port Plate
  • Replaceable Piston Slipper Plate
  • Thru-Shaft Capability SAE A or AA Pilots Offered
  • Low Noise Levels-Promote More Comfortable Operating Environment
  • Fast Response Times
  • Metric Pilot Shaft and Ports Available


  • Pressure Compensation
  • (PVP 41/48, 60/76, 100/140 Only)
  • Adjustable Maximum Volume Stop
  • Hi/Lo Torque (Power) Limiting
  • Low Pressure Standby
  • Remote Pressure Compensation
  • Horsepower and Load Sensing
  • Horsepower Limiting
  • Load Sensing

Model Series

  • PVP16, PVP23, PVP33, PVP41, PVP48

parker PVP1610R12

USA parker
ISO14001,CE.ISO9001 PVP1610R12

parker PVP41302R2AVP11

USA parker
ISO14001,CE.ISO9001 PVP41302R2AVP11

parker PVP1610RV12

USA parker
ISO14001,CE.ISO9001 PVP1610RV12

parker PVP1610BR2A12

USA parker
ISO14001,CE.ISO9001 PVP1610BR2A12

parker PVP1610L12

USA parker
ISO14001,CE.ISO9001 PVP1610L12

parker PVP16202R26A4AV12

USA parker
ISO14001,CE.ISO9001 PVP16202R26A4AV12

parker PVP1610B4R26A2VM12

USA parker
ISO14001,CE.ISO9001 PVP1610B4R26A2VM12

parker PVP1610BRM12

USA parker
ISO14001,CE.ISO9001 PVP1610BRM12

parker PVP1610R2M12

USA parker
ISO14001,CE.ISO9001 PVP1610R2M12

parker PVP1610B4R26A112

USA parker
ISO14001,CE.ISO9001 PVP1610B4R26A112