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Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR

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Product Description

Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR cAn help
As the world’s leAding supplier of beArings And engineering solutions to the pump industry, .We offer everything from innovAtive engineering services in the design process to monitoring systems thAt promote reliAble operAtion in remote, hArd-to-Access locAtions.
Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR according to the application area is divided into motor bearings, rolling mill bearings, main bearings and so on.
According to the material is divided into ceramic bearings, plastic bearings.
Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR small friction coefficient, high speed limit, simple structure, low manufacturing cost, high precision, no need for regular maintenance, and large size range, form, Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR is the most widely used class of bearings. It is mainly subjected to radial load, but also can withstand a certain axial load. When it is only subjected to radial loads, the contact angle is zero.
Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR widely used in machine tools, metallurgical machinery, textile machinery and printing machinery and other machinery and equipment, and mechanical system design can be very compact and smart.
Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR under the action of the cycle load, contact appearance is easy to attack fatigue damage, that is, the emergence of cracks peeling, which is an important bearing damage situation. Therefore, in order to improve the bearing life, bearing steel must have a high contact fatigue strength.
Second, Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR wear resistance
Bearing the task, the ring, rolling body and the cage not only between the rolling friction, but also the onset of sliding friction, so that the bearing parts have been worn. In order to increase the bearing parts of the wear and tear to maintain the stability of bearing stability, extend the service life, bearing steel should have a good wear resistance.
The role of it should be support, that is, literal interpretation of the shaft, but this is only part of its role, to support its essence is able to bear the radial load. It can also be understood that it is used to fix the shaft. Bearings easy easy to optimize the selection of automation. It is fixed shaft so that it can only achieve rotation, and control its axial and radial movement. If the motor does not have a bearing, it simply can not work. Because the shaft may move in any direction, and the motor requires that the shaft only be rotated when working.
Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR radial load capacity, suitable for heavy load, impact load situation.
Inner diameter is tapered bore, can be installed directly. Or the use of adapter sleeve, the removal of the cylinder mounted on the cylindrical shaft. The holder is made of steel plate stamping cage, polyamide forming Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR is suitable for industries such as heavy load and impact load, precision instruments, low noise motor, automobile, motorcycle, metallurgy, rolling mill, mining, petroleum, paper, cement, sugar and other industries And general machinery.

NA2210-2RSR Track Rollers Yoke Type Track Rollers

Bearing Model No: NA2210-2RSR

Type: Track Roller





NA2210-2RSR Track Rollers

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Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR
DISTRIBUIDORES: Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR

Product Model:


Structure: Track Rollers
Inside Diameter: 50 mm
Outside Diameter: 90 mm
Thickness: 23 mm
Seals Type:
Material: Chrome Steel
Precision Rating:
Weight: KG
Payment term: by TT in advance
Delivery time:

Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR range of products and product applications, including oil machinery bearings, railway locomotives bearing, gear bearings, hydraulic bearings, card wheel hub bearings, rolling bearings, split bearings, precision machine tool bearing a series of metric precision bearings.
Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR Applications include: petroleum, steel, railways, electric power, metallurgy, machine tools, automobiles, chemicals, textiles machinery, industrial fans, lifting the transport, industrial cleaning, construction vehicles, mining machinery, construction machinery, agricultural Our company offer Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR interchange guide bearing designation chart bearing dimensions
Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR special bearing mud with oil bearings, wheel bearings, bearing faucets, crane bearing mud bearing 24052CA / C3W33,3506 / 381 / C9, NFP6 / 723.795Q4 / C9-666.75Q228 / 600Q228 / 666.75Q92984Q929 / 558.8Q929 / 660.4Q928 /508Q928/660.4Q1032980H:3003736CA/W333003740CA/W333003760CA/W334053172K seven categories: 579529786097960209716420971722097936K2097948K2097952K37941K37951K37961K: 50081/67090081889168164916818491681/50091681/60091681/7501681/80091682/8001687/5601687/6501689/52016
Yoke Type Track Rollers NA2210-2RSR mix of uses including bearings
F-500, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600, F-1600HL, F-1000, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600, F-1600, F-1600, F-1600, F-1600, F-1600, F- F-350, F-500, F-650, F-350, F-650, F-350, F-650, F-350, F-650, F-350, F-650 , F-1000, FB-1300, FB-1600EOE Oilfield Gardner Denver Mud Pump Bearings, Turntable Bearings, Faucets Bearings, Tractor Bearings, Derrick Bearings, Locomotive Bearings, Hook Bearings, Screw Drill Bearings PZ-1, PZ-10, PZ-10, PZ-1EOE oil National mud pump bearings, turntable bearings, faucet bearings, crane bearings, derrick bearings, travel bearings, hooks Bearings, Screw Drill Bearings, Top Drive Bearings 7-P-50, 8-P-80, 9-P-100, 10-P-130, 12-P-160, 14-P-220EOE Oilfield Oilwell Mud Pump Bearings A-1400-PT, A-1400-PT, A-1400-PT, A-1400-PT, A-1400-PT, A-1400-PT, A-1400-PT, A-1400-PT, A-1400- 1700-PT

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