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FAG/INA Authorized Agents/Distributor Supplier in Singapore

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FAG/INA Bearings Authorized Agent/Distributor

FAG Bearings

FAG/INA History

The cornerstone for the group of companies today was laid by brothers Dr. Wilhelm Schaeffler and Dr.-Ing. E.h. Georg Schaeffler in 1946 with the founding of the limited company. The rise of the company began when Dr. Georg Schaeffler invented the needle cage in 1949, followed by the production of large quantities of cage-guided needle roller bearings by INA for the German automotive industry shortly thereafter.

In 1965, the Schaeffler brothers founded LuK “Lamellen- und Kupplungsbau GmbH” in Bühl, Germany. The company became the market’s technological leader with its very first innovative product, a diaphragm spring clutch. LuK, one of the world’s largest clutch manufacturers and a specialist for drive trains, became part of Schaeffler in 1999.

The FAG brand is inextricably linked with the rolling bearing industry. In Schweinfurt, Germany, in 1883, Friedrich Fischer designed a ball mill that made it possible to use machines for the first time to produce high-precision steel balls in large volumes. This idea is regarded as the historic beginning of the rolling bearing industry. FAG has been a registered trademark since 1905 and, after being taken over by Schaeffler in 2001, is a key element of the Schaeffler Group together with INA and LuK.

Based in Langen, the Automotive Aftermarket division was founded in 1976. The division is responsible for the global replacement part business and provides innovative repair solutions in OEM quality. Online portal REPXPERT provides extensive services for repair shops, such as practical training, help for repairs via a hotline or the repair shop portal, and the development of special tools.

The main development centers of the Schaeffler Group in Germany are Herzogenaurach, Schweinfurt and Bühl, which operate in a network with other development centers in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

INA’s and FAG’s industrial divisions decide to work together. First joint trade show appearance of the Schaeffler Group at Hannover Messe Industrie . Schweinfurt. INA and FAG become the world’s second largest rolling bearing manufacturer .The Schaeffler Group's INA and FAG brands stand for the development and manufacture of high-quality rolling bearings, plain bearings, linear guidance systems, and engine components for mechanical engineering, aerospace and the automotive industry worldwide.

Rolling bearings

Rolling bearings generally comprise two bearing rings with integral raceways. Rolling elements are arranged between the rings and roll on the raceways. Rolling elements can be balls, cylindrical rollers, needle rollers, tapered rollers or barrel rollers. The rolling elements are generally guided by a cage that keeps them at a uniform distance from each other and prevents them coming into contact with each other. In needle roller bearings and ribless spherical roller bearings, the cage also ensures that the rolling element axis is positioned correctly. Where bearings can be dismantled, the cage holds the rolling elements together and gives easier fitting of the bearings. For particular applications, rolling bearings with a full complement of balls, cylindrical rollers or needle rollers may be used.
The standard material for sheet metal cages is steel, while brass is also used for some applications. Solid cages are made from brass, steel, laminated fabric and other materials. Cages made from thermoplastic materials are also widely used, especially those made from polyamide reinforced by glass fibre.

Radial ball bearings

1)Deep groove ball bearings
Deep groove ball bearings are versatile, self-retaining bearings with solid outer rings, inner rings and ball and cage assemblies. These products are of simple design, durable in operation and easy to maintain; they are available in single and double row designs and and in open and sealed variants. Due to the production technology used, open bearings can still have turned recesses on the outer ring for seals or shields.

2)Radial insert ball bearings
Radial insert ball bearings are single row, rady-to-fit units comprising a solid outer ring, an inner ring extended on one or both sides, cages made from plastic or sheet steel and P, R, L or T seals. Bearings with an inner ring extended on both sides undergo less tilting of the inner ring and therefore run more smoothly.
The outer ring has a crowned or cylindrical outside surface. In conjunction with an INA housing matched to the bearing type, bearings with a crowned outside surface compensate for shaft misalignments; see Compensation of misalignments.
They are located on the shaft by means of an eccentric locking collar, grub screws in the inner ring, an adapter sleeve, drive slot or fit. Radial insert ball bearings are particularly easy to fit, suitable for drawn shafts of grade h6 to h9 and, with a few exceptions, can be relubricated.
Some series with an eccentric locking collar and with grub screws in the inner ring are also available with an inch size bore.

3) Angular contact ball bearings
Single row angular contact ball bearings
Single row angular contact ball bearings are self-retaining units with solid inner and outer rings and ball and cage assemblies with polyamide, sheet steel or brass cages. The raceways of the inner and outer rings are offset in relation to each other in the direction of the bearing axis. The bearings are available in open and sealed versions. Their self-alignment capacity is very small.
Double row angular contact ball bearings
Double row angular contact ball bearings are units with solid inner and outer rings and ball and cage assemblies with polyamide, sheet steel or brass cages. They correspond in design to single row angular contact ball bearings in pairs in an O arrangement but give a narrower design than these. They differ in the size of their contact angle and the design of the bearing rings.
The bearings are available in open and sealed versions. Due to the production technology used, open bearings can still have turned recesses on the outer ring for seals or shields. Sealed bearings are maintenance-free and, as a result, allow particularly economical bearing arrangements. The self-alignment capacity of angular contact ball bearings is very small.

4)Spindle bearings
Spindle bearings are single row angular contact ball bearings comprising solid inner and outer rings and ball and cage assemblies with solid window cages. They cannot be dismantled. The bearings are available in open and sealed versions.
Spindle bearings have restricted tolerances. They are particularly suitable for bearing arrangements with very high requirements for guidance accuracy and speed capacity. They have proved highly suitable for the bearing arrangements of spindles in machine tools.

Radial roller bearings

1) Needle roller bearings
Needle roller and cage assemblies are single or double row units comprising cages and needle rollers.
Since their radial section is no greater than the diameter of the needle rollers, needle roller and cage assemblies allow bearing arrangements with a very small radial design envelope to be achieved. They have very high load carrying capacity, are suitable for high speeds and can be easily fitted.
If the raceways are produced to high geometrical accuracy, bearing arrangements with high runout accuracy can be achieved.
The radial internal clearance can be influenced by the needle roller sort and by the shaft and housing tolerance.
Needle roller and cage assemblies require a hardened and ground raceway on the shaft and in the housing.

2) Tapered roller bearings
FAG tapered roller bearings are characterized by high radial and axial load carrying capacity and by a large usable speed range. They are efficient at supporting forces and ensure a precise and rigid shaft guidance system due to the large effective distance between the bearings. They are adjustable, can be dismantled, and are therefore easy to fit.

3) Barrel roller bearings
Barrel roller bearings are single row, self-aligning roller bearings. They comprise solid outer rings with a concave raceway, solid inner rings with two ribs and a cylindrical or tapered bore and barrel rollers with cages. The bearings cannot be dismantled.
Barrel roller bearings are particularly suitable where high radial shock type loads occur and misalignments must be compensated, see Compensation of angular misalignments. Their axial load carrying capacity is small.

4) Spherical roller bearings
Spherical roller bearings are double row, self-retaining units comprising solid outer rings with a concave raceway, solid inner rings and barrel rollers with cages. The inner rings with cylindrical or tapered bores.
The symmetrical barrel rollers freely align themselves to the concave outer ring raceway. As a result, shaft deflections and mislignments of the bearing seats are compensated.

Many sizes of spherical roller bearings are supplied in X-life design. These bearings do not have a central rib on the inner ring so longer barrel rollers can be fitted; improved kinematics, optimised surfaces and even higher performance materials are possible. As a result, the bearings show a significant increase in the basic dynamic load rating and, under the same operating conditions, in the basic rating life. In certain applications, a smaller design of bearing arrangement can therefore be used if necessary.

Axial ball bearings
1 )Axial deep groove ball bearings
Axial deep groove ball bearings comprise shaft locating washers, housing locating washers and ball and cage assemblies. The bearings are not self-retaining; the ball and cage assembly and bearing washers can therefore be fitted independently of each other.
In addition to series with flat washers, there are also series with spherical housing locating washers for compensation of static misalignment. These designs are normally used in comjunction with support washers. Axial deep groove ball bearings are available in single and double direction designs.
Both designs can support high axial forces but must not be subjected to radial loads.

2) Axial angular contact ball bearings
Double direction axial angular contact ball bearings are non self-retaining precision bearings with restricted tolerances to class SP. They comprise solid shaft locating washers, spacer rings, housing locating washers and ball and cage assemblies with solid brass cages. The parts of the bearings are matched to each other and can be fitted independently of each other; they must not be interchanged with those of bearings of the same size.

Axial roller bearings

1) Axial cylindrical roller bearings
Axial cylindrical roller bearings comprise axial cylindrical roller and cage assemblies and shaft and housing locating washers.
The bearings have particularly small axial section height, have high load carrying capacity and high rigidity and can support axial forces in one direction.

2) Axial needle roller bearings
Axial needle roller bearings are units comprising axial needle roller and cage assemblies and axial bearing washers with a centring spigot. They can be combined with drawn cup needle roller bearings and needle roller bearings. The axial running surface for the needle roller and cage assembly must be hardened and ground.

3) Axial spherical roller bearings
Axial spherical roller bearings are single row, self-aligning roller bearings. They comprise solid shaft and housing washers and asymmetrical barrel rollers with cages. The cage holds the roller and cage assembly together with the shaft locating washer. The bearings can be dismantled. The parts of the bearings can be fitted separately.
Axial spherical roller bearings can support very high axial loads and permit relatively high speeds. Both under the harshest of operating conditions. For example in gearboxes, calenders, engines in marine applications and rudder engines, lifting gear, construction machinery and rolling mills.

Housing units
INA housing units are available in many different designs as plummer block, flanged and take-up housing units. The ready-to-fit units comprise INA cast iron or INA sheet steel housings in which the INA radial insert ball bearings are integrated. In order to ensure correct function and operational reliability in all operating conditions, the bearing and housing are matched to each other.
Due to the spherical outside surface of the bearing outer ring and the spherical housing bore, INA housing units can compensate for static angular misalignment of the shaft; see Compensation of misalignments.
The units are used predominantly as locating bearings, but can also be used as non-locating bearings under low loads and speeds.
The housings are screw mounted on the adjacent construction. Less demanding tolerances are sufficient for the screw mounting surfaces.

Bearing housings
FAG housings and the associated bearings form bearing arrangement units that have proved themselves in machinery, plant and other equipment.
FAG bearing housings are predominantly made from flake graphite cast iron. Housings made from cast steel and spheroidal graphite cast iron can be supplied by agreement. Since the bearings are normally lubricated with grease and the initial charge is effective for a long period, most housings do not have relubrication holes. However, gates or marks are present so that lubrication holes can be made if required. When relubrication is carried out, it must be ensured that excess grease can escape.
The bearing seats in the housing are generally machined such that the bearings are movable and can thus act as non-locating bearings. Locating bearing arrangements can be achieved by inserting locating rings if these are listed in the tables. Locating rings must be ordered specifically. Housings without locating rings are supplied in a non-locating bearing version (L) or a locating bearing version (F).
All unmachined outer surfaces of FAG housings and housing parts have a universal coat of paint (colour RAL 7031, bluish grey). The paint can be covered by all resin, polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy resin, chlorine rubber, cellulose and acid-hardening hammer grey enamels. The anti-corrosion protection of the machined inner and outer surfaces can be easily removed.

Depending on the operating conditions, contact seals, non-contact seals and combinations thereof are available for sealing of bearing housings, see the schematics.

Plain Bearings
The function of plain bearing arrangements, like rolling bearing arrangements, is to support or guide parts that are movable relative to each other. They must support and transmit the forces occurring in this case. Whereas the bearing arrangement elements in rolling bearing arrangements are separated from each other by means of rolling parts - rolling elements - the movable component in plain bearing arrangements - normally a shaft, stud or strip - slides on the sliding surface of a static bearing bush, bearing cup or sliding strip. The sliding motion occurs directly between the sliding layer of the bearing body and the part that issupported. Lubrication is ensured by embedded lubricants or a solid layer applied to a supporting body. In radial motion, the clearance between the shaft and sliding layer ensures the mobility of the sliding partners.Plain bearings are available as radial bearings, axial bearings, strips, cups and in many other designs. They run quietly and are particularly suitable where high loads must be supported under relatively slow rotary and swivel motion and at low and high temperatures. Due to their versatile specific characteristics, they are therefore used in almost all areas of industry and especially where the space available for the bearing arrangement is very limited.

Schaeffler Group is a leading automotive and industrial supplier worldwide. The Company stands for the highest quality, outstanding technology and distinctive innovative ability.
The way to convince our customers in the long term is by taking a lead in quality, technology, reliability, innovation and cost-effectiveness, as well as ensuring reliable, timely deliveries and providing committed service. This is the foundation for the sustained success of our Company.
Every employee is aware of his commitment to quality and must think and act in accordance with this principle.
The Executive Board, Management and all employees are fully committed to this Quality Policy.
While research and development at Singapore is directed at the higher platform of technological breakthroughs and improvements in manufacturing Singapore, Singapore Bearing Singapore focuses its business on enhancing customer satisfaction in the sale and distribution of its products.
To ensure that customers receive their orders accurately and promptly, Bearing Singapore has recently installed an automated system which allows for an average turnaround order of 30 minutes.

When you specify FAG Bearing Distributors Inventory, you benefit from worldwide service centers, knowledgeable engineers and a selection of nearly 3,0000 bearings.

Our Company is a globally integrated Automotive and Industrial bearings distributor holding Exclusive & Authorized Distributorship of world-renowned brands such as NACHI, LUK/FAG/INA, TIMKEN, FYH, NMB, IJK, KOYO, SAMICK, TWB, RHP, JNS, Dodge & ILJIN. With a wealth of experience and excellent competency accumulated over 40 years and spanning 2 generations, we have established more than 25 branches spread across Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, East Malaysia, West Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China.


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